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The Association of Parents of Students (AMPA),  is an association non-profit-making in which all the parents of the students of Iparragirre Ikastola are included. In this centre (Iparragirre Ikastola), AMPA is formed by all the families who have their children registered in the educational centre, without having the need to inscribe them previously.

Our aims are the following ones:

-To propose improvements related to the Ikastola or its partners (canteen, after school activities, facilities of the educational centre… etc).
-To fight for a education of good quality in our educational centre.
-To canalize and argue the worries of the parents who have their children registered in the Ikastola.

Furthermore, during this year, we will organize different activities (The party of the Families, Meetings of general interest, etc) that will be known by emails or by the official webpage of Iparragirre lkastola.

The association is built in a Board of Directions which is formed by a President, a Vice president, a Secretary, a Treasurer and Vowels who will be in charge of keeping the good work of the association every day.

This year’s Board of Direction is composed by:
Ane Arego
Vice president
Natalia Oseguera
Sonia Grande
Itziar Udaondo
Lorena Santiago
Muskoa Agirrezabal
Iratxe Extramiana
Haizea Orube

Every two years, the composition of this Board of Direction is changed, and everyone attending the AMPA association can be in charge of the previously mentioned positions. Moreover, the parents who want to follow AMPA’s activities and collaborate in determined activities, will always be invited if they want it to.

In this AMPA association, we also have a very good relationship with the delegate of each classroom, who are the ones that inform us about the different situations that might come up in their classrooms; and they also help us in the organization and the carrying out of activities during the whole year.

To contact us you can send us an email to and now you can also follow the latest news in the official webpage of Iparragirre Ikastola.

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